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GCU Family Weekend

Yesterday Carl and I flew to Phoenix for Grand Canyon University’s Family Weekend.

Phoenix (58)

After arriving on campus, we meet up with Anthony for a tour of his dorm room. This is his bed and desk in his bedroom with two other guys with identical set up (two on one wall and one on the opposite wall).

Anthony's college essentials/rock-climbing gear!
Anthony’s college essentials/rock-climbing gear!

They also have their own bathroom and walk in closet, not shown because a roomful of teen boys live there.

Outside the bedroom is the living area with tv area…

Phoenix (2)

and small kitchenette.

Phoenix (3)

There is another triple bedroom on the other side of living area…. so 6 boys per suite.

Right outside his dorm building is a swimming pool.

Phoenix (4)

We got a tour of the rest of campus as well, stopping along the way to meet just a small portion of  his many, many friends. It’s a nice campus with so many new and modern buildings. We can see why Anthony loves it so much.

After our tour, we stopped for dinner at a place recommended by one of his friends. I had some amazing Brushetta and the guys had Paninis.

Phoenix (6)
It was a great first afternoon spent with Anthony! After class tomorrow, he’s taking us for a hike at Camelback Mountain. Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “GCU Family Weekend”

  1. Groovy! Anthony has nice tan. I remember when I visited JT in Youngstown one weekend. He also lived in a setup similar. It did have a full kitchen though. I spent one evening cleaning their microwave. It was disgusting. Those portions looks ginormous. Terry B lives close to Camelback Mountain. Beautiful area.


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