Praises, The Kids

Watch out Jacksonville!

Zack is a licensed driver!


He actually took a really nice driver’s license photo. That almost never happens!


We celebrated afterwards with ice cream.


Zack took driver’s education classes two years ago but then waited about 6 months to get his permit and that was only after I forced him. And then he never wanted to drive. We pushed and pushed for over a year and he just showed no interest. But finally this summer, with the enrollment in his new high school that does not offer busing, we finally decided to start make him driving so he could get himself to and from school (I’ve been doing it in the meantime since the start of school).

Plus there is this:


The 1997 Lexus that  his grandparents bought and then sold to us who then “borrowed” to Anthony, who drove to it Jacksonville this summer and left behind when he went to college. 200,000 miles and going strong…Zack has his own wheels! Sweet.

Unfortunately, Anthony left this as well:


His little “drifting” memento when he drifted right into a mailbox in icy weather.

Congratulations Zack! The last of my children is now a licensed driver.

I feel so old.

7 thoughts on “Watch out Jacksonville!”

  1. Congrats to you Zack….We know you are an “awesome” driver…that is according to Aunt Leslie. So don’t let her down. Drive carefully & absolutely NO TEXTING or LOUD MUSIC! Be aware of the NUTS on the road…it is filled with them! That car has really seen a lot of where & tear……Good Luck & happy driving Big Guy!!! Love You…


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