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Kristy’s Craft Night

on October 2, 2015

Last night was the inaugural monthly Craft Night at my house, hosted by me.


A few Sundays ago, as I spent time alone in my craft room while Carl watched football, I was inspired to put together a monthly craft night at my house with women from my church to share my love of crafting while getting to spend time with friends.


Jenny, Alissa, Dee and Allyson

After thinking of a project, I gathered and prepared all of the supplies needed for a simple project. For a small fee to cover my supplies, the women were able to come and create something to take home.


Sharlyn, Courtney, Lana and Brittany

For our first project, I selected beaded Altoid tin cans. Here are a few tins that I have created previously (although for simplicity, we used patterned paper instead of stamping designs like shown here):

Beaded Tin 021 Beaded Tins (3) Beaded Tins (4)

Beaded Tins (6) Beaded Tins (8)

It was a really fun night spent with friends creating, talking, laughing and having fun. I’m so glad that so many of my friends came to join me.


I can’t wait to do it again!


5 responses to “Kristy’s Craft Night

  1. Aunt sassy says:

    Really nice


  2. Mom says:

    You have so many friends, I am jealous!


  3. Sue says:

    I see a lot of the ladies have husbands who like to watch Thursday night football. Great idea for the gals to enjoy an evening doing something fun! The project looked awesome! Need anymore containers?


  4. Les says:

    Fun!!! But you know me, I would be with my brother watching football. .lol


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