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Weekly Date Nights: Latitude 360

A few months ago, a friend from church mentioned a great opportunity for inexpensive date nights by getting a Latitude 360 family membership. Latitude 360 is an adult/family entertainment center (similar to Dave & Busters) with a Grille, HD Sports Theater, Nightclub/Bar, Comedy Shows, Dine-In Movie Theater, Bowling and game room. And what’s nice is that it is only 3.5 miles/5 minutes from our house.

For $25 per month per family you get the following perks of being a Blue Club Member:

  • 2 Comedy Tickets per month – they occasionally have a “clean” comedienne
  • Unlimited Movies (Mon thru Thurs) – they are second run movies but it’s on a big screen while sitting in oversized comfy chairs. They show two movies each week…a kid’s movie and an PG or above movie.
  • 4 Weekend Movie Tickets (Fri thru Sun)
  • One hour of bowling per day (Mon thru Thurs) – for up to 6 people so we can bring 4 guests for FREE, including shoe rental!
  • One hour of anytime bowling (Fri thru Sun)
  • Free $25 game Card per month

(With overpriced food and drinks, they obviously get people in the door inexpensively and then hope to make a fortune from the kitchen and bar.)

With only a two month obligation, we decided to give it a try. So far we are loving it! With our first month of membership we have done the following:

  • Received a free appetizer for joining (which we ate while watching San Andreas)
  • Gone bowling every week (the first week, dragging Zack along too)

Bowling (1)

  • Watched three movies: Cinderella (loved it!), Tomorrowland (meh) and San Andreas (The Rock rocked it!)
  • Gone to the comedy club and game room on a couples date night with friends.
  • Went to a lame “Member’s Only Tailgate Party” where we wore football jerseys and stood in a long line for a plate of meatballs and chicken wings and a $5 game card.


I’d say we have gotten our money’s worth. We are really enjoying our membership and will continue for the foreseeable future. If you come to visit us, you can expect us to take you for some free bowling. And try not to be too intimidated by the fact that Carl and I even have our own bowling balls and shoes. Lately, I’ve been lucky to break 100…ha!

Unfortunately they only have Latitude 360 in Jacksonville, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. So all of my family and friends are out of luck in their areas. 

6 thoughts on “Weekly Date Nights: Latitude 360”

  1. Guess we will have to bring our ball & shoes @ Christmas & have a good ole fashioned “challenge!” That is if you are still members! Haven’t bowled in many years but it is probably just like bike riding….it will “come back” Are you ready for the challenge???


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