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Kelly’s Grad School Update

Hello family (and mom’s friends)!

There has been some unexpected changes with my grad school plans, so my mom asked me to write out a little explanation about what’s going on.

For three weeks this September, I attended a Masters of Education in School Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. After diving into the curriculum, I quickly realized that the career isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. I’m interested in psychology, counseling, and working with children. The title School Psychologist is a bit misleading. This program, and career, are very education, academics, and school systems-oriented. These are things I am not passionate about, and do not care to be involved in. The career is very political, administrative, and deals more with school-wide systems and interventions, rather than individual children. I debated whether to stick it out for the entire semester but after many conversations with various people, I decided to cut my losses and get out ASAP.

I’m thrilled about my decision. No regrets (except the financial hit, I unfortunately had to pay half of the tuition for this semester). I initially felt like such a doofus and was really worried about what everyone was going to think, but all of my people have been so supportive! Especially Mom and Dad, THANK YOU AS ALWAYS.

So now I’m back at square one, scrambling to get myself on the correct path. I’ve decided to pursue what I was meant to do all along: Counseling! General mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, or addiction counseling. I think I’ll be great at it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching schools/programs, and getting in contact with counselors or counseling students. I want to be 100% thorough this time around. I’m scheduled to take the GRE (standardized exam required for most grad programs) at the end of October. I’m also going to try to get an internship or volunteer position in something counseling-related, to get some real-life experience.

So that’s my story. Life is good! I’m excited to get back on track for my career!


5 thoughts on “Kelly’s Grad School Update”

  1. I did do addiction counseling which ended up to encompass all facets of life’s counseling.I would be happy to share some of my experiences while in the field. I worked at Mc Neil Hospital for two years.
    Aunt Sandra


  2. You have to do what is right for you and what would make you happy. My nieces daughter just got her Masters and also wants to be a school counselor. She interned at my grammar school which was cool. Now she has a job at a school near her. Bryanna’s boyfriend is also studying to become a school counselor so it is a popular field. Good luck on pursing your dream job, I have all the faith in the world in you.


    1. Thanks so much Grandma! ❤
      I don't want to be a school (guidance) counselor, that is a different field. No biggie, just clarifying! I used to get them mixed up too. School guidance counselor and mental health counselor are not the same.

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  3. Sounds as though you made the right decision for “You” A very brave move on your part to leave the course when you knew this was not the career you had visioned. Keep investigating other avenues & you will find the “right fit!” Keeping you in our prayers & thoughts.


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