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The 80s

Turns out that one of the benefits of having neighbors around our age is that we all love classic 80s music that reminds us of our teenage/high school years.  So when the St. Augustine Amphitheater put together a show featuring The Romantics, Loverboy and Rick Springfield, a neighborhood date night was definitely in order.

We all decided to drive down to St. Augustine early for a tour and tasting at the local distillery.

Concert 007

It really was the smoothest tasting vodka that I have had but at $28 a bottle, I decided to pass on bringing any home. Right now they just sell vodka and gin. Later this week they are introducing their rum. These barrels of bourbon won’t be ready until next year some time.

Concert 009

Afterwards, we went up to the bar for a cocktail, where Dedie and I selected Florida Mules…yum! I have a new cocktail to try at home soon although I need to get me some of those cool copper mugs first.

Concert 011

Without even planning, Dedie and I were both wearing an almost identical black sequined tank top. I guess there is something about the 80s and Rick Springfield that just call for sequins!

After leaving the distillery, we all met up at Mellow Mushroom for pizza. But apparently Bill first had to talk his way out of a ticket  for running a red light. Oops….I guess he was hungry for that pizza.

Concert 012

Finally, we arrived at the Amphitheater. Before purchasing our tickets (which everyone did on their own), many people had told me “there’s not a bad seat in the house. You have a perfect view from anywhere in the venue since it’s small and intimate.”

Concert 015

What they failed to tell us was only the first two sections are covered. The upper section, where I bought our seats, we exposed. And, of course, it’s Florida… so it RAINED! After sitting through a steady rain during the first act, it finally let up.  Plus, the neighbors texted us and told us there were empty seats behind them.

Concert 016

We were able to watch the final act, Rick Springfield, under shelter near our friends. He put on a good show and was a much better rocker than Carl expected. However, I actually enjoyed Loverboy the best. They played all of their hits and sounded just as they did 30 years ago.

It was a great afternoon and evening out with friends reliving our youth.

3 thoughts on “The 80s”

  1. And a good time was had by all, except for maybe the couple that got wet!! Glad your neighbors had seats behind them for you to get in out of the rain!!


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