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School Updates

I was talking with my mom last week and she asked the all-important question: How does Zack like his new school?” I realized that I needed to share this exciting update with ya’ll: He LIKES it!

He came home the first day and said it was way better than his old high school and was going to be a lot more fun. (Apparently the top criteria for Zack for a good school is the level of fun.) He said that he spent the day trying to figure out who the popular kids were for each grade level. The second day he came home with the exciting news that “I think that I’m in the popular group!” YES, way to go Zack.

So it seems that the move to a smaller, Christian, special education focused school has been a good move for Zack. We couldn’t be happier!

Some interesting things that I forgot to mention about the new school:

  • The school serves all grades from 1st through high school.
  • There are only 8 kids in the junior class and about 40 kids in high school total.
  • Because it’s special education focused with kids who have struggled in a traditional setting, there is NO HOMEWORK or outside projects. Can I get a Hallelujah?! From past years, homework has been a real struggle. Zack just doesn’t do it. It was a constant battle. And then his grades reflected the lack of work. So it’s a big relief to have that burden removed.
  • Being a private school, there is no busing. The school is about 3.5 miles from our house so for now I am driving Zack to and from school each day. Actually, Zack is doing the driving, racking up driving practice (finally – this is something that he has shown no interest in previously). It is our goal to have him get his license by Christmas break.
  • Zack’s interest in driving has been facilitated by the fact that there is an unused vehicle sitting in the driveway. The car that Anthony had in Minnesota, our old 1996 Lexus with 205,000 miles on it, did not make the trip to Arizona with Anthony. So it’s just sitting here ready to be used by Zack.

Speaking of school, Anthony is loving college life as well! He has been having a ball hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, exploring campus, hiking, rock climbing and even attending a class or two.

Kelly starts graduate school on Wednesday. Good luck Kelly! I hope that you learn a lot this coming year.

5 thoughts on “School Updates”

  1. Wonderful!! It is a great to hear Zack likes his new school, he should graduate with no problems!! Anthony is all settles and next we will hear how Kelly likes her new school.
    Life is good!!


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