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Life is Better…

We have friends from church that are a young, newly married couple. We did not realize exactly how young they were until the celebrated their birthdays recently…Courtney just turned 25 and her husband, Nate turned 28 yesterday!  It blows my mind that we are friends with a girl who is the same age as our daughter. I can’t quite see Kelly hanging out with a 50-year old couple…ha! Maybe it helps that they are married, they go to our church, they love the Jaguars and they love to play games. That has given us things to bond over.

They hosted a pool-side party  to celebrate Nate’s birthday last night and I wanted to bring a little gift. I used a scrap piece of my prized 100-year-old wood from our farm-house table project. It was already painted two shades of green on one side. I just scrubbed it down which took off more of the paint and added the distressed look.


The rest were just vinyl letters from my Cricut machine.

I love easy, one-hour crafts with things that I already have at my house. Score!

2 thoughts on “Life is Better…”

  1. Good job on another great idea, did they love it!! My friend Jen is 30 years younger than me as well as my pool buddies. Age is just a number, don’t let it fool you!!


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