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Church Presentation Board

Let’s review some facts:

  1. I am crafty.
  2. Carl is experienced with construction projects.
  3. We don’t have young kids at home taking up our time (aka we’ve got time on our hands…WOOT-WOOT!).
  4. We like to volunteer/serve in our church.
  5. Our church does not have it’s own building but rents from the Seventh Day Adventists who worship on Saturdays, leaving the building open for us on Sundays.

Knowing these facts, one of the pastors at our church asked us if we would be willing to create a portable presentation board that could be put up and taken down in the lobby each Sunday and could easily store in the closet that we are allotted. We graciously said “No, but thanks for asking :).”

Just kidding, of course we said “YES!”

This is the template that he sent me to give us an idea of what he was looking for.

Board 001

After waiting for divine intervention to strike us with a brilliant idea, a few months later, we finally came up with the idea of two sets of bi-fold doors attached together with hinges. We had to replace the hinges that the came with the doors with bigger hinges to create the space between the doors to account for the extra width needed when closed. After a few coats of dark grey paint and a whole lot of vinyl lettering cut out on my Cricut machine, we finally had a masterpiece!

Board 002

The three panels on the right also have a sheet of metal framed by painted paint stir sticks so that items can be affixed with magnets and changed around from time to time. (That is the extra width that I was talking about above.)

Board 004

The top banner was a cedar fence post painted black with white vinyl lettering. It is attached with hooks and a chain so that it can be removed for storage.

Board 006

When not in use, it can be folded and stored easily.

Board 011

Of course, I made a special label for the back. Although, in all honesty, after formulating the idea and shopping for supplies together, that really was the end of Carl’s involvement. I actually did about 90% off the work on this project. And Carl would be happy to show you all the ways that he could have done it better if you ask him :). 

Board 009

I am very happy with the way that it turned out.

Board 008

I’m very grateful for my Cricut machine. It sure got it’s workout for this project.

Board 007

We were given a budget of $200 from the church for this project. We spent $194.16 ($83 was for the doors and $56 was for the vinyl lettering…the rest was paint and hardware supplies). I’d say this project was a success.

4 thoughts on “Church Presentation Board”

  1. Great job!! I am impressed!! I bet your Church will be really happy with this new addition.
    God has given you both talent and you use it wisely.


  2. Very impressive! You two make a great team & together you come up with great ideas. The congregation will be enjoying the community board for years to come. Kudos to you both!


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