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Wheel of Fortune

Part of Carl’s job responsibilities as Director of Finance and Funding Development for the Jaguars Foundation is to raise money for the organization to give away. They host various events during the year, such as a Golf Tournament and a 5K Run. They also have a 50/50 raffle at each home football game (buy a ticket and you have a chance to win half of the cash collected, however much that may be). New this year are two new prize wheels at each home game. For a $5 spin, you can win various items as listed on the wheel. Twice this weekend, Carl enlisted a special helper.

Zack looks thrilled to be there!

Actually he did have fun. On Friday, for the preseason game, Zack was helping to count the money collected from the various salespeople of the 50/50 raffle. On Saturday, during the fun run, he was helping man the prizes at one of the wheels.

We are glad that we could tear Zack away from his Xbox for two days in a row to go and help his dad. Thanks Zack!

*By the way, today is Zack’s “Gotcha Day!” It was 16 years ago today that Carl and I were in Russia and the stern judge granted our adoption of Zack. 

Meeting Zack for the first time at the orphanage.
Meeting Zack for the first time at the orphanage.


Congratulations on being a part of our family for 16 years now Zack! We love you, you crazy White Russian!

7 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day Zack!! We knew you were going to be a big guy when you grew up and you proved us right!!! Great job helping dad with Wheel of Fortune, keep up the good work!!


    1. You are NOT crazy! We always said that Zack looked just like Rob (my brother) when he was a toddler. It’s no surprise that Robby Jr. would share that resemblance. After all, Zack has the familial genes, I’m sure of it!


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