The Kids

The Freshman

After spending the past 5 weeks with us in Jacksonville, Anthony left for college on Saturday morning.


While he was with us, he rock climbed and/or surfed almost every single day (usually both). He bought a month pass to the indoor rock climbing gym and went 4-5 times each week.

Anthony 258
This is actually “bouldering” outdoors in Minnesota but it’s the only photo that I have :).

When he wasn’t doing that, he was at Jax Beach surfing.

Anthony 324He only had one close encounter luckily :).IMG_1923

We had debated whether Carl or I should fly out with him on Saturday and help him get settled. But due to the following reasons, we decided to send him off alone:

  • Airfare is too expensive. Round trip airfare to Phoenix is currently running around $400.
  • We both want to fly out for Parent’s weekend in October so we’d rather save our money for that trip.
  • We’ve heard that the first week the kids are so busy with planned activities and getting settled into campus that they don’t want to be hanging out with their parents then.
  • My brother Brad lives in the area and so kindly made himself available to pick Anthony up from the airport, house him for the weekend, do some shopping with him for things that he might need (like toiletries, pillows, bedding, etc) and bring him to student move-in today. Thanks Brad! We appreciate you stepping in for us.
Brad and Anthony bonding over some shopping.

Anthony’s first semester will be pretty basic. He’s got three regular classes: English Composition, Algebra (since he bombed the placement test) and Principles of Marketing. He also has one online class on college life required of all freshman.

Anthony is excited to be in a brand new dorm building…everything will be brand new, fresh and clean! He is sharing a suite with 5 other males. This is a rendering of the suite (although he’s in a triple so each bedroom will have one set of bunk beds and a twin bed):


You can see that there are three guys to each bedroom, sharing a bathroom and large closet. And then there is a common sitting area in the middle.

We are really going to miss him but are very excited for him as he begins his college career. We look forward to spending time with him in Phoenix in October. Can’t wait to see you then Anthony. Good luck in college!

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